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"human beings are created unequal, and no amount of social engineering or government intervention can significantly alter one's lot in life. At most, government policies can help equalize opportunity at the starting point, but they cannot ensure equal outcomes. Society is bound to end up with unequal outcomes, where the more able end up better off financially and socially than the less able." - Lee Kuan Yew

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This is going to be the last

As much as I hate the fact that I am now at the departure gate waiting to board my flight back to Bangkok, I am happy that is my last trip there.

My last day in the BKK office will be Apr 12 and I will be back in KL on the 15 :) FOR GOOD!

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some people will think I am stupid
the complicated story started like this....

I resigned from Saatchi & Saatchi sometime in October, citing 'irreconcilable differences' with the client. According to the original plan, I was supposed to serve 3 months notice. Meaning, I would be able to leave sometime end Jan / beginning Feb. But after talking to one of my colleagues, he told me to instead apply for a transfer to the Singapore office and work on P&G. Two big regional accounts, Olay and head&shoulders, were due to move to the Singapore office second quarter of 2011. The thought was really tempting then. Since I have worked on Pantene before, Olay and head&shoulders would be a piece of cake. At least there won't be surprises since these are all P&G brands. And the cosmopolitan lifestyle that Singapore offers sounded really appealing. On top of it all, I guess the icing on the cake would be ......a promotion.

I applied as an Associate Account Director. Looking at my resume, with only 3 years plus experience, it is quite a huge jump. Usually, it takes someone with around 5 years plus experience to get to that level. After reviewing my resume, the HR person felt that I was lacking in experience, so the position offered was status quo- Account Manager. My would-be boss then proposed that I come over to Bangkok first, start working on head&shoulders immediately, and prove myself. The deal was that I had to show them that I am capable of the title. So I agreed. Besides, it's only 5 months in Bangkok. After that, if all goes well, I would move to Singapore in May.


But things are going too well. Just as I am adapting to the life here in Bangkok, they made the offer. I would be promoted to become an Associate Account Director. I am not even emotionally ready to take on Bangkok yet though I am physically here. And to be honest, I am not sure if I still want to go to Singapore. I have thought about this for many nights and the conclusion is the same. Someday I would have to go back home and take over the family business. But the million dollar question is.....why not now ?

Am I ready? I am not sure. Do I want to go to Singapore? ......my heart is saying no. With all the mixed feelings going on, I am sure I won't be able to make a rational decision. All I can do is to follow my heart.

On Monday, the HR called me into his room to talk. I told him that I am not enjoying what I am doing now. I told him that the learning curve isn't there (and I don't foresee it coming since what I am doing now is exactly the same as what I did two years ago) He suggested that I speak to my boss about my job scope and maybe he can help identify other avenues of growth. But before he could finish his sentence, I cut him off and said.... NO, I DON'T THINK I AM KEEN. There, on the spot, I turned down the offer.

Stupid, it seems. Opportunities like this don't come very often. It's not like they'd just walk up to your door and say "hey, we've got a promotion for you." But just like that, I let my emotions dictate my decision. I still don't know if I have made the right decision. The only thing I can think of now is.... let God take the wheel.

a place 2 hours plane ride away from home
today marks my first day here in bangkok, thailand. for the first time ever, i am NOT here for a holiday. usually, i have to pay to come here, but now i am paid to come here. as i pen this, i am overwhelmed by a whirlpool of mixed emotions. one part of me is excited , but the other part of me is worried. it's weird, really. i don't know what i am feeling right now. although bangkok isn't very far away from kuala lumpur, somehow it still feels kinda distant. maybe it's the funny thai characters everywhere that makes me feel somewhat alienated. my colleagues say that i should be thankful that i am given this opportunity. it's not like everyone gets to work abroad for a period of time. some of my friends are saying that i should treasure this experience. i am still in my twenties anyway, so what i have got to lose? every day from today onwards, there will be fresh encounters, new experiences. i guess all i can do is pray that God will lead me to the right path. let jesus take the wheel.  

something good happened !
first of all, big thanks to those who replied to my previous post. it was really good to hear words of encouragement especially when you are at your lowest. thank you. you know who you are ;)

Today's spin class was so much fun. I was the last to enter the class and all bikes were occupied. I had no choice but to take the last bike on the stage.


So this is what 'shadowing' an instructor  feels like :P I kinda enjoyed the attention. Because everyone was looking at me, I tried my very best to keep up with the pace. And no matter how tired I was, I just kept peddling just so I would look 'good' in front of the class. How competitive! :P
p/s: i hope the two koreas won't go to war.

passion, where are you?
i entered the advertising industry with passion the size of texas and now i'm leaving it with nothing more than bread crumbles on my hands. people always say you have to think positive. you can't let these things demotivate you. you should hold tight to your passion and advance forward. but you know what i'll say? it feels like some poisonous venom has entered your bloodstream and there's nothing you can do about it except to wait for death to take you away. as i sit here at my office desk, waiting for a solution to miraculously descend upon me, i sigh. it's my fault that i allowed this to happen to myself. and to make things worse, it's beginning to affect those around me. some have actually begin to complain about my endless whining. maybe i should just keep all these things to myself. it's better to vent out in my personal blog so as to keep the negativity to myself. as the others are busy replying work mails, writing job requisitions, compiling competitive analysis, i am here on livejournal whining..........

a mother sacrificed her life to save her son
Woman run over while trying to save son

urgent help needed
  hi everyone, can you please help me fill out this survey? it's very urgent. please pass it on to your friends as well .  thank you.


because runner up is first loser ....
ok, you didn't quite score the goal, but you still played a very important part in Spain's winning in the World Cup

.....plus the fact that you are supppppppppper cuteeeeeee

spain vs. netherlands
ok ok , here's the very important part of the game. focus, focus !!!

hug me ! hug meee !!!

yay, spain won! come, let's give him a kiss!

I think I'll earn more as an Armani underwear model. Ronaldo, can you pull strings?

sure, why not?

alright alright, we all know who was really the one who scored the goal- the bald dude on the fat left, Iniesta.
too bad you're not cute, otherwise you woulda gotten more coverage :P

awww, it's ok, Persie. So you lost, but you're still cute.

oozing testosterone

For you two, I will support Arsenal from now on.


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